Malin Gren Landell, Sweden

Malin is a founding member of INSA, editor of the research anthology on School Attendance Problems, and making waves in Swedish policy on school attendance.

About Malin Gren Landell

Malin is a founding member of INSA. She initiated the International Anthology on School Attendance Problems (published by the Swedish Jerring Foundation in 2021), chaired a Swedish government report on school attendance problems, supports municipalities and authorities as they develop policies to promote school attendance, and has authored numerous books on shyness, fear, anxiety, and attendance problems. Her work has also been shared via podcasts, newspapers, and radio and television interviews. 

Malin is part of a research team focused on national attendance data and PISA data (Programme for International Student Assessment), exploring policies in different countries, and the views of students, school leaders, and teachers. She is keen to advance research on the effectiveness of supports for students with special educational needs, and increase understanding of school attendance problems among youths with neurodevelopmental disorders and anxiety disorders. Her background includes the Master of Science in Clinical Psychology, Medical Doctor in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and a Diploma in Psychotherapy.

"Networking is essential if we are to reduce the epidemic of school attendance problems. The work of research teams in other parts of the world has helped me inspire school personnel and other stakeholders in Sweden. My work for the Swedish government started a wave, and we’re close to using national attendance statistics in Sweden. But there are still groups of students who are ‘off the radar’, and we must start new waves to reach out to them.